Chris McMichael

Signout from Social Networks, Log into Life

Do you find yourself spending way to much time on social networks? You are not alone! Starting today, I am trying out an experiment for 30 days which is to Sign out from all of my social networks after each use. This includes phones, tablets, and other portable devices. I’m hoping this simple signout experiment will serve as a subtle way of correcting impulsive behaviors.

Requiring login each time, in theory, will serve as a reminder for the time that will be wasted while signed in. I’m hoping this simple act will improve personal time management. Let’s share conversations with other people again instead of sharing them with a technology device who does not share anything back. Time is valuable. Do not waste it contributing to someone else’s cause. I challenge everyone reading this to try out my experiment for 30 days and see how much of a difference it makes in your life. This is day 1. I will follow up with my experiences.